Mom’s Empowerment Group

Mom’s Empowerment Group

About the Program

An art based support group for single mothers in Richmond, this program provides an opportunity to learn creative practices that support wellness and reduces stress. It also allows women to share concerns and grow together in a safe and supportive community of mothers.

As of Summer 2021, the program has now ended with plans to re-start in the future.

Mom's Empowerment Group Flyer

About the Facilitator

Sara Brown, MA, RTC

Sara is a Vancouver area expressive arts therapist and counsellor. She is a registered therapeutic counsellor with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada. Sara is fascinated by the healing potential of creative exploration for both individuals and communities. She strives to cultivate a playful and supportive environment where participants can safely explore their emotions and gain a deeper understanding of themselves.

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